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Enyeny Sylvester from Uganda message

Enyeny Sylvester from Uganda message
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It would be my happiness to be one of the winners, I love Japan make vehicles because there are many advantages associated with buying a used vehicle from Japan auto auction. Here are some of them:-
Getting spare parts very easy because there are all over the market.
Mechanics are well versed with Japan make vehicles.
I love the vehicle i drive that is starlet its hard body unlike any other make.
Getting market when I am tired of driving is very easy to sell off my vehicle.
Japan offer high quality services in order to keep their reputation.
Japan used cars are of varietied thereforecno limitation to choice.
Low Price:- In Japan the car prices in auto auctions are low because owning used cars is expensive in Japan. This causes used cars to be sold early and cheap because the longer one keeps a car in Japan, the more it will cost.

Efficient Sales System:- Reselling cars have become a well developed system in Japan.

Safety:- All those involved in used cars auction and export process are accountable and the market in Japan overall is trustworthy.

High Supply:- Around 150,000 cars are offered weekly for bidding.

High Standards- Vehicles in Japan are maintained very well and used lightly and independent reviews of a car’s condition is a perquisite of selling it in auction.

Excellent car condition- The Ministry of Transport in Japan constantly carries out a road-worthiness inspection called “Shaken” to check whether or not all vehicles on the road are properly maintained and safe to drive. The check is given on a new car after three years and successive check after every two years. Another reason that adds up to the good condition of vehicles in Japan is exceptionally smooth roads.

More Equipment:- Japanese vehicles contain what in most countries consider “extras”, for example, navigation systems and alloy wheel

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