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Emily Muthini kinyili from Kenya message

Emily Muthini kinyili from Kenya message
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First and foremost,let me thank you for the wonderful mail.CAR FROM JAPAN.
I love cars from japan,because they are strong,nice and they can withstand our murram roads here in kenya. At the moment i drive a toyota ist,it has served me very well for 2years without any mechanical problems despite the poor state of our roads here in kenya. I love the shape of the car and its fuel consumption.The reason why i should be picked a winner is because i am a big fun of toyota and this is because getting spare parts for any toyota car is easily accessible in the market here in kenya. My dream is too get any opportunity to visit japan and visit they car manufacturers.
I love cars from japan so much because of they speed,shape,design and they can wisthstand any type of roads. Moreover the cost of buying the cars from japan is not too expensive for the common man.

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