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EMILY GATHERU from Kenya message

EMILY GATHERU from Kenya message
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Japanese cars have several advantages among the are:-
Japanese cars have a reputation for being some of the most reliable on the road, with a reasonable amount of care and service the Japanese car you bought years ago will still be running in very good condition years from now.
Better fuel efficiency
The excellent fuel efficiency of Japanese cars is one of their biggest advantages. The Japanese auto parts industry has invested a lot of research into producing more fuel efficient cars as well as hybrid cars which are more fuel efficient than conventional cars.
Value for money

Japanese used cars are known for their outstanding fit, finish and build
Durability makes these cars long lasting with many lasting hundreds of thousands of miles.
Low maintenance requirements mean saving money during the course of ownership.
Eco-Friendly: These cars are environment friendly and emits very less amount of harmful materials. Fuel efficiency and eco friendliness are somewhat interlinked. The cars which intakes less fuel also emit less harmful gases. So environment stays clean and green.

Equipped with latest features: These cars are equipped with latest features which make the drive of this car more comfortable and enjoyable. These Features also enhance the safety of these vehicles.
Japanese used cars tend to retain their value longer giving them a higher resale value.
Gas mileage is typically higher in both city and highway driving saving money at the pump and reducing vehicle emissions.
Japanese cars tend to available for a low cost, making them affordable to almost everyone.

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