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ELIUD NDEGE from Kenya message

ELIUD NDEGE from Kenya message
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Cars from japan are the best in market as at now. Japanese have evolved with technology and they have kept upgrading and modernizing their car models from time to time making them the market leaders.
Initially, personally I believed that Toyota is the only car that one should have, then I was wrong, recently I fell in love with Honda Air wave, Nissan NV200, Nissan wing road and so many more. This is due to the improvement in upgrading of model shapes and interior make ups of Japanese cars.
Japanese cars are hardy and can withstand all types of terrain and performs even much better on rough roads as well as tarmacked ones.
Japanese cars are pocket friendly, meaning low, medium and high income earners can afford to buy Japanese car that suites their pocket.
Japanese car offers a variety of Car models, colors, sizes, capacities and much more to choose from, giving buyers opportunity to choose from the so many varieties offered by the Japanese cars.
Genuine Spare parts are readily available for Japanese cars in the market at affordable prices and are easy to fix as compared to cars from other parts of the world like Germany and so on.
Japanese cars are economical on fuel consumption as compared to other cars from other countries, this makes Japanese cars comparable to none hence being the most preferred worldwide.Simple statistics shows Japanese cars out numbers other cars from other countries especially in my country Kenya where both the rich and poor drive cars from Japan.
Japan remains the pace setter in manufacturing of (state of the art) cars in the Globe.
A gain Geographically Japan is located where it is only cheaper to access by sea, in comparison to other car manufacturing countries. For example importing car into Africa for example (Kenya) from Japan is by Sea which is more cheaper and convenient than importing from Germany Where the only alternative means of transport is by Air which is too expensive and only a few people from African continent can afford to import.
Japanese are always ready to give vivid and clear information to customers at all times when requested building trust of clients hence higher sales.
sooner or later I see japan motor industry introducing flying cars to the market as they continue to employ current technologies in the industry.. long live JAPAN motor industry and continue to offer cheapest and reliable cars to the needy world. You are my choice, thanks and best regards.

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