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Elijah Saranos Siliwa from Papua New Guinea message

Elijah Saranos Siliwa from Papua New Guinea message
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From all around the globe,the are so many car dealing industries, as far as technologies is concerned, most do not run unique comparison of what I saw about Japanese cars,I browse online,check newsletters,Japanese is the best,all around PNG,there are so many of it .I wish I own one car of my own,but not a reality because I only had a dream.I only wish a feel of time,speed & space.How would it feel if I own one,I mean a car from Japan.In a dusty lane country side where I live most of my time,cars are not accessed because no one owns a car.Work issues is a bit low and most of it,the services are not well off.My dream is to have a car,I work to grow my own businesses, but of underpayments, its hard to make all a reality.Most of all,we rely mostly on transports.Most parts of PNG is populated by cars from Japan.Yet more has been lacking,transport mostly recommended where trade becomes easier. Japan ahead in the world of time,speed & space of technologies,we look upon,the underdeveloped countries. What more to fetch while you(Japan),greatest in the technical experience world,you brought home our reality.

Firstly, thanks a lot for allowing me, well, I too joined in these summer 2016,to all the sponsorships of Japan car give aways and to the company’s chief marketing officer who helped in advertising globally.Well to all my fellow participants who tried their best in the competition, I foremost wished all the best.As I am from Papua New Guinea,your friend,this was my fondest of wishes I had,longing for so many years but it never happened a reality in my life.I think I was the one along the line of competitors who will be rewarded of my tried.I used to live in the country side of one of the provinces of PNG called New Ireland .I had a job where I move to and fro everyday. I had many dreams/wishes to attend to,but times don’t sometimes allows it.One of my dreams is having a car,to be my own where I will used it to go to work and back home early.Many a times I do the walk job where I travelled one & half kilometers six days a week.I felt boring at times about my situation, sometimes I felt embarrassing where flashy cars ,rich minorities passed by,it really hurts .And for sure,I got underpaid but as usual to me,I worked overtime but it’s not paid at all.My fondest dreams was a car,but how can I afford to buy a luxurious thing to get all my jobs fixed! Only while browsing online,I came across this coupon,well,I really love it,because its all free.And its what I had dreamt of.I thought this is it,cars from Japan.I saw many a times ads from Japan about PNG used cars .I got an hint to make a life of a reality,I think of cars in Japan,if I had a car,all my businesses will be satisfied and I will be so happy about it.After all I will be a customer where I can buy cars directly from Japan.All my dreams about cars is now being fulfilled and I am the chosen winner of this competition.

Secondly,I love cars,in my home country their is no such thing as car factory, no closer to this point,Iam far away away from technologies and the experience of it.I had many tales of Png men travelling to Japan,they talked about Japan. I heard stories about cars and big car factory and many robots ,thousands employees and I used to wonder a lot.This makes me think of what its like to feel in a speedy car and all this.With Japan’s technological experience, I say Japan is the best dealer.I knew you make unique cars,quality is you,and tonnes of models.My dream of time,speed and space is out there in Japan.How can it be a reality to experience the reality of time,speed and space,this is uniquecable.You had developed what I and everyone around the globe would like to feel.I dreamt about cars to race this dusty lane to and fro,but all is far,far away in Japan.If heaven grants me my wish,I will all absolutely be happy.This is because they will export more cars and they will make more new ones for sales globally,for those who will need it and for people like me.I personally joined the competition because I need a car.With all chances ,I love cars from Japan.It’ll be nice experience to leisure and enjoy their fruits of hard work,knowledge given to built such cars.In comparison to other car dealers worldwide,I don’t know but I only knew that cars in Japan are the best made of all,which I do liked best.To add more,I do expressed that I am sapose to be the winner.I like and love cars from Japan.

Lastly,but not the least,I had a wished of having a car,that will help me in my travellings, leisures and business chores.In my life all these years I tried to save up for a car,eventually its hard for an underpaid worker have such an idea.But its just a dreamt of unreality. I go online,in search for things that will help make life easier, because I just want to go by time,speed and space.All my virtualizations kept fading but nothing existed real.Growing up in a dusty country side,all my dreams is far,far away from me,which is in Japan.
In conclusion to my essay,I am not a writer or even a good english speaker.All I have done was a perspiration job,all to gained hearts of these best summer 2016 giveaways. I solemnly once again want to stress more that I am the one.I really love time,speed and space.I search everywhere to gain a glimpse of reality of the unreal world and as far as technology is concerned,Japanese car dealer has shared light to my dreams,my wish.I had hoped too much,but it sucks to know,you are incompatible dealers more than any globally.Thankyou so much to you.

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