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Elias Jika from Tanzania message

Elias Jika from Tanzania message
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My message will be on the subject “How CAR FROM JAPAN Is a Reliable Car Japanese Used Car Importing Company” and the need for the company to open CAR FROM JAPAN Malawi subsidiary offices. And then at the end the end, I will explain why I am the best candidate to be picked as the winner in this competition.

CAR FROM JAPAN is currently one of the most reliable Japanese used car importation companies in Malawi. Like in most African countries, buying Japanese used car on the internet and importing them to Malawi began as and was a controversial issue. There were many problems related to this issue including technical difficulties from buyers in using internet and understanding the whole process from the time the Japanese used car is bought, when it is in freight transit until it arrives at the final destination. The biggest problem though was mainly to do with risk related with cyber crimes and fake and fraudulent Japanese used car companies. In Malawi, about 4-5 years ago, there were reported cases of more than 50 people in one year who had bought Japanese used cars on the internet, but the cars never arrived to their final destinations. There were many issues related to this outcome which include the ones highlighted above,

Over the past 3-4 years, these cases have been lessening more and more and people have learned to put their trust in online Japanese used car purchase and importation. In Malawi, there are two Japanese used car companies that are leading in importation of motor cars from Japan: BE FORWARD and SBT. The dominance of these 2 companies in the Malawi is not a secret but merely attributed to the fact that they have country offices established. This should not be so though, this should not be the end line of the competing market in Malawi.

CAR FROM JAPAN is one of the reliable Japanese used car importation companies. I know of a couple of my friends who have purchased their cars on the internet from CAR FROM JAPAN. This is why I have also learned to trust CAR FROM JAPAN because there have never been cases of reported disappointments from the buyers. What I have heard from the buyers have been praises and satisfaction with the service and process offered by CAR FROM JAPAN. The reason CAR FROM JAPAN is not the top leading Japanese used car importing company in the country is because CAR FROM JAPAN does not have a Malawi country office. This is why CAR FROM JAPAN needs to open a Malawi country office so that it dominates the market. This will help the clients and also CAR FROM JAPAN as a service provider in easy service provision, getting testimonials and suggestions from customers for betterment and improvement of CAR FROM JAPAN, better coordination between the two parties and last but not least better customer-client relationship.

CAR FROM JAPAN needs to pick me as a winner in this competition. The present of a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN would be the best present of my life and it would bring a great joy and happiness in my life. It would also help CAR FROM JAPAN because I am the best candidate to put CAR FROM JAPAN at the top of the Japanese used car market in Malawi. I will also help in a worldwide campaign and promotion of CAR FROM JAPAN through online media and social networking sites. When I get picked as a winner, I will be one of the biggest supporters of CAR FROM JAPAN in the Malawi through testimonies and online campaigning. I will also help, if necessary and should I be needed, in the establishment of CAR FROM JAPAN country office and in marketing CAR FROM JAPAN services in the country.

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