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Eliah Johnas Ngendwa from Tanzania message

Eliah Johnas Ngendwa from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN,is a leading Japanesse used vehicle exporter with varieties of brands namely Toyota,Nissan,Honda,Mazda,Volkswagen,mitsubish,Subaru,Mercedes-Benz,Audi,etc.
CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as a winner because i have been buying cars from Japan for more than 3years from companies like Real motors japan,enhance auto,car junction,autocom japan,autorec,safari direct(trade car view),be forward,sbtjapan and many others.
But from now i will prefer to buy cars using the link CAR FROM JAPAN,reason is i just went through the website and found varieties of brands and cars going at very good prices,
Immagine a company giving back to its clients/customers-what a fellow feeling heart you will have with that company…i will make sure i buy as many cars as i can,give references to many friends,and all the car dealers mainly in Tanzania(goodluck i have the list of all showrooms and comission agents and other interested parties).
One tool i will used to sprade awareness is to make sure all cars bought from CAR FROM JAPAN,for my customers to have sticker of where the car is bought from(ie CAR FROM JAPAN)
Also make sure every customer sends back a picture with his/her car once received and all those pictures put in the gallary of ur website..this gives assurance to first customers who are afraid of buying cars online to believe that is possible and no fraud or risk of loosing your money.
More over we will advise our customer to send testimonial massages how they felt after receiving their dream cars to impress and influence others to buy from CAR FROM JAPAN..
After being a winner i will be company Ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN to Tanzania..
I will create a media of awareness like puting advertizment on billboards,also in social networks like facebook,instagram and google..
There are a lot of car dealers groups here,we will make sure this link of CAR FROM JAPAN to flow everywhere in groups and convince people to open and browse to see varieties of cars for sale
Make sure all the promotions like offers,discounts,grand sale etc be aired and reaches all the media we have pronounced to be the leading in reaching our customers.
We need to make sure no room of dissapointment to our customer and leave no question un answered to clear every doubt from our customers…always be there for our customer….dedicated to serve them better..
And make sure these promotion compaigns are constant all the time to invite new customers everyday..
Finnally working as a team within CAR FROM JAPAN,we will come up thin prominent ideas to win our customers….always we will follow the season’s trend of that time..
Always dedicated to serve our customers better and creating everlasting profitable customer relationship..

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