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Edward kimani from Kenya message

Edward kimani from Kenya message
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Dear Lan,

Am glad and gratefull to have this chance to send this message and say why I should be picked as a winner of the vehicle and become the brand ambassador.
Currently I work as an Evangelist with the Anglican church and this requires me to travel from home to home, visit members who are in hospitals, attend various meetings,trainings and confrences.
Mostly i find myslelf covering 5 – 50 kms or more almost every day. When lucky I borrow and use my fathers car car (Honda airwave). Though mostly he is usually using it.

This car would really be a blessing and will help me in moving around during ministry and help me achieve my daily targets. Also am currently pursuing evening studies at the St Paul’s university and this car will help me move easily from home to work to class and back.

As a brand Ambassador am able to reach out to several groups of people within Ruaka town and its environs due to my influence as an Evangelist. This will be mainly targeted at the middle income bracket. I will also reach out to students at the university where am a student’s leader and use my influence to create brand awareness of Car from japan brand co ltd.
I will also seek to have partnership and financing options from banks, as this will help in awareness as well as facilitate actual sales.
Having been trained in internet marketing skills am able use funnel creation strategies,social media, Ctas, website/blog sales pages for maximum country wide impact.

Thank you once again for this chance.

Warm regards
Edward kimani

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