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Ednicio Ernesto Joao Sindique from Mozambique message

Ednicio Ernesto Joao Sindique from Mozambique message
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Well, I’m going to try to write as much good I can in English, because my mother language is portuguese,.

I saw this competition in my personal page of college when I was trying to see my grade from this semester, and then I thought, is that for real?! No, it can’t be, because our college website doesn’t have ads (annoucentments). I was using mobile phone when I saw, and I clicked at the icon (download) and opened the Car From Japan CO., LTD. page, at this moment I realized that it shouldn’t be a Spam, I became very happy, and then I said to myself – when I get home let’s hope this page stills available, so I could log in by computer and I can apply for.

Here I’m, the reason why I should be the winner, well, I don’t think that I’m better than anyone, but I would like to be the one, because first of all I will able to help myself with the make tasks I have, second help my grandmother when she wants to go to the hospital and other things.
I’m twenty years by now, and I’m at college making my 4 semester Law degree (bachelor/undergraduate) in a local College in my city – Maxixe district, Inhambane province in Mozambique.

When I was applying and saw to choose o one of the Japanese used cars, i realize that I should able to pick one of the cars I always thought that should the first one.
I do see cars my city that are bought in Car From Japan, they look in good conditions and the models I see aren’t those cheapest ones unfortunately, because more of rich people or state employee are the ones who buy them, but when I go to Maputo for holidays sometimes I see economical ones and like I know the models they are accessible to buy.

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