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Edger edson from Tanzania message

Edger edson from Tanzania message
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Japanese cars are the cars of my dreams .they are cars which are suitable in our Africans roads they can survive in any condition. When iwas age of 7 our neighbour bought a car in which his children wher taken to school . Irealy apiciated it and i promissed oneday am going to own my own car. Not only but nice car and which is japanese cars i advise my fellow Africans and my fellow Tanzanians to buy japanese cars for beter life and there safeness on the road.when you talk of japanese cars your talking of quality and good looking cars in the world . After using these cars there some new good thngs ure going to lern from these dream will come true when iwill own own car from japanese cars . Iwill be one among the ambasodours of japanes cars from Tanzania.iwill spread its quality and its speed on the road.

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