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Ebron kalinga from Tanzania message

Ebron kalinga from Tanzania message
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I know how i enspired to participate in this competition but to me is not competition but i really want you to believe me that i could be your ambassador/agency/advertiser and so on even if icould fail to win the prize but the only thing is to work together with greater love to achieve our goals in tanzania there many stores of cars some are passed due to unity,good customer care, and many plans which help them to get more client even us we can when will be together as one family and also we need to supply good cars with good quality for good satisfication of client Thank you
.Car from japan are very good at all even if they are used for a long time but need maximize price to reach all classes in society.japan located along water so it make easier to japan ship moving around the world and always people in japan are depend on bussiness and always japan produce very well product in quality and quantity especially cars product from japan are very good.i would like if company can build branch in mtwara region to make money in that area because there is port but people dicide to order cars from dar es salaam due to absence of any sale cars branch

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