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Duncan from Kenya message

Duncan from Kenya message
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Dear Lan Phan and the entire CAR FROM JAPAN flaternity.
My name is Duncan wambui am a male from Kenya and wish to start by apologizing to you for not joining you earlier and from what i have noted this competition has been there for quite sometime but as the English man said better late than never.I know u have this saying in Japanese language therefore you understand it better.

I express my sincere gratitude and acknowledge the way you have come up with such a great idea to reach all you customers in the whole world despite of where they come from ,their tribe,races, religion and more so telling the world that we can bring every one together through one platform,CAR FROM JAPAN.

With great optimism and the spirit of am the winner i join the competition boldly this being the first international competition that has such a prestigious prize to take home and good platform to compete fairly am participating in.

Personally i have never owned a car in my life but i know how to drive and this shall be a great opportunity to my family and i and also to all my friends who may be facing challenges in acquiring one from their earnings due to financial constraints that participating in such competitions can pay.

Being the first company that has gone an extra mile to tell the whole world that look,what we have genuine customer services and i feel honored to identify myself with it and request to be one of your Kenyan ambassadors in sales,advertisements,promotions,bring healthy networking that will improve competitiveness competence and the image in the motor vehicle industry in Kenya among others.

This to me, is one great opportunity that shall make me feel one of you on daily activities happening in Kenya that are touching on CAR IN JAPAN,as i widen your customer base here in the country.

Today in developed countries like Japan China and the western world a car is a basic need in every family therefore leading to more innovation to real modern super cars by japan,Japan being the leading major hub of motor vehicle technology a fact that no country can ignore gives great inspiration to Kenya with support programs they offer so that we can adopt and benefit from it


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