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Doreen Pelpola from Sri Lanka message

Doreen Pelpola from Sri Lanka message
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I like car from Japan because of their durability.Japanese use car was a they work perfectly under any physical condition. No one underestimates the quality of Japanese vehicles . Their models are suitable for any country or time.I like Japanese used car because of its a very good product and should be driving for safely reason. Car from Japanese brand is the perfect choise for any road conditions.The tyres,the balance, the speed, the body & look just sums up how unbeautable the Japanese brandis.looks of love and proud for givingthis chans .Japan as we are aware of is the most popular manufacture of atomobils. It is also one of the largest manufacture in the world.
This country is home to so many atomobil indastries some of name of atomobil manufatre are Toyata,Mitsubishi ,Honda,Mazda,Nissan,Subara and Zuzuki.Japan has wonso many awards for cars designed by them including international car of the year.Japan’s atomobil industry still remains one of the longest and the most profitable method of income for this country .Japan has become the largest car produceing nation in the world .if I win car from Japan I will use it gomy family traveling .I never had a car before .Lots of love and proud for car from Japan for giving this chans.I do love Japan cars.although .I still havent car.May God bless Japanese car factory and May God grant my with to win this competition .All the best and God bless .

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