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Dineo Ignicious Marope from Botswana message

Dineo Ignicious Marope from Botswana message
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In my country we are relying on japanese used cars because they the most cheapest and affordable for every Motswana in Botswana. Organisations or let me say Companies like Car From Japan has very much improoved the standard of living in my country because before they were introduced u could hardly find a car in our low standard roads by that time. Since Japanese used cars started to be imported in my country, I have seen a very great change on our economy. Roads were constructed, transportation of goods within the country became easier only because this cars are the most affordable in the country.. I send my thanks to Car from Japan for their initiative to see it important to supply my beloved country with the most cheapest cars i’ve eva seen in the world..I you pick me as a Winner, that will be an aded advantage to Car From Japan because I will make sure I let the whole world know that I have won a car from one of the top Japanese Used Cars importers.. I will market the company to evry car dealer in my country.. I will make sure every Motswana orders a car from CAR FROM JAPAN!!!

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