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Deodatus Goodluck from Tanzania message

Deodatus Goodluck from Tanzania message
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I real appreciate this campaign nd I like your company too. My father bought a car from your company last 4 year but until now its in a good conition. Also your services is the one of the best service like I never seen before, Especially your advices about car services which helps my Dady till today. We real appreciate your service and your cars. Keep it Up Guys.
My advice to you, Try to expand yards in each region in Tanzania if possible because other people they want to buys cars but they dont have a special place like Yard which can choose his or her dream car instead he or she use middle men to buy for them cars instead of buying themselves. If it will be not possible to open yard in every region at least you can open an office and inside the office you will put some pictures or in computer and after someone choose car of his or her choice U bring it for him or her. I hope this comment will be very helpful to you guys because I am from a certain region called Manyara in Tanzania there are man people who wants to buys cars but they dont have a special place where they can go and choose the dream car.

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