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DEO GODFREY SHAYO from Tanzania message

DEO GODFREY SHAYO from Tanzania message
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Currently no one can argue against Japanese cars in Tanzania Market.Many vehicles in Tanzania are from Japan by origin. Tanzania government is currently moving towards an Industrial economy; it is the right time for CAR FROM JAPAN to invest and provide high quality goods and services!
Being organizing clearance of transit cars VIA Dar es salaam Port for more than 2 years I have not heard of such creative campaign! Therefore its time to win and drive!! Its time to inspire and motivate friends & clients from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Congo DRC to buy CARS FROM JAPAN and use our Dar es salaam Port for Clearance!
CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as a winner because:

  1. I have friends from other landlocked countries who use to import VIA Dar es salaam Port; Therefore can do the same through CAR FROM JAPAN!
    (I previously did a clearance part time)
    2.I can use the same car as an inspiration because sometimes can carry in friends and client as they pick cars from Dar es salaam port.
    3.Being picked as a winner can facilitate my friends business because when people are inspired to deal with CAR FROM JAPAN will automatically bring in a lot of transit business (Mutual benefit).Its also possible to operate as an agent of CAR FROM JAPAN by referring more clients and earn commissions.

4.I’m Trade officer & Economist by profession which has something to do with the development of Trade at Dar es salaam port and Tanzania economy at Large. In this sense I believe that if CAR FROM JAPAN perform well in our Market will attract more employments here, boost transactions between Tanzania, Japan and many other landlocked countries. And most importantly our country will earn revenue through port charges, Transit charges as well as duties for cars which will be locally registered!


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