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dennis mwembu from Kenya message

dennis mwembu from Kenya message
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Say something nice!the car is good I like it,its speed is high and it consumes less fuel .it us durable anf d a lot of fun while driving .the car is very much more of modern and complex
I like its shape at is cute and hard am really looking forward to winning in this competition God willing can be used for a quite range of jobs for example as a taxi,to carry goods from one place to another I think I should be picked as the winner because am worth and needy ,,am still in university studying ..once picked as the winner I will use the car many positive ways to earn a living for my family and my mum who is single and earns a living through casual labouring during pick times plea se consider me I love Japan Subaru because they are efficient and durable.they also have a long staying period ,,I really love the cars if you don’t have a car then you have yourself to blame because Japan has made the process of acquire ring a car very simple hurry up or it is late for you

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