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Degu Terefe Wassie( Scientist and Prophet) from Ethiopia message

In order to create happiness and promoting your service, you would pick me as the winner. Not only this but also to give best customer service in the world. Apart from this, you have to consider me as a promoter of your car company if you give me the chance to win the competition.

I heard and saw Japan’s car. Japan’s cars are very strong, their durability is too long years though it costs high. They have the potential to run fast per second with high speed per kilometer. I am waiting for your prize as much as possible! May the angel Gabriel and Michael be with you! God bless you! Wishing you all the best..! Scientist and Prophet Degu Terefe Wassie. Current Resdience address: Bekelo bet( Lancha) Village Woreda 20(now a day Woreda 04) Kebele 39, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. From Bahir Dar and Fenot Selam cities, Gojjam.

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