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David Oliver Yasona from Benin message

David Oliver Yasona from Benin message
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Am very happy and more glad to read from incredible website having great hope of winning this year.

my questions are :

  1. what is a car/vehicle? is it being made?
    3.where and when was the first car published in the world?
    4.who is the founder of cars?
  2. How possible is it to get the materials?
  3. How is metals and steels being made?
  4. Why did the first founder of car think of that satisfied idea?
  5. What are the advantages of using cars?
  6. What are the side effects of using a car?
  7. Is it possible for uneducated person to drive a car?, which ways?
  8. As you company of Japan sounds like a disaster to the world, what are you sincerely planning to do good to the whole world?
  9. Can you take an African guy like me to learn in your company?, how and when?
  10. Why and when can you choose someone as a winner?

More trustful Japanese company has been the only strongest company of cars all over the world, with incredible unique man made, I have ever heard of. Even trusted when I used to see Japanese cars every where in Africa…

I think Japanese used cars are even very strong as they are made with strong qualities of every single metal, I will be very grateful to win this chance at this time…
Japan has been the only company I can see today around the world’s largest cities all using Japanese made cars…
Am hoping your wisdom in making those things increases day by day…
How happy would I be for getting such a free car?, even it shall be my first time to have a car in my life, firstly when I win and get the car I will let everyone over social media know about it, secondly I shall use it one month transporting poor people around or within my country to show them my narrow happiness. finally I will celebrate with higher happiness ever, I will let everyone in my country know about the Japanese company and how strong it’s been working all over the world, explaining to them that there is no more unique than Japanese made cars, don’t even tell # China…..
Here around am ever trying to explored the news to everyone around the world….
Am ever thankful to God for the great opportunity you the Japanese are offering to us all over the whole universe, hopefully as I will be the first winner of this year, I recently have started celebrating my lucky chance of getting a new free car from Japan company,,
I would like to know apart from cars what else do you offer to the winners?
In case I might be the second winner of the year, I will be looking seriously everyday, opening this link two to three times a day, to make sure am there, because I don’t need to loose this free gift of our kind Japanese, it’s a great and amazing opportunity although it’s my first time, I still have great hope and confidence of being the winner of the year, no matter what happens am there among the winners…..

I will still like to hear from you more about why are you offering this opportunity to us or the whole world?

Since I came across this opportunity, there has never been a single day that I took without opening the link and know about my results and looking for any updates that comes from you…..
I like also to thank this company for all the chance and the great opportunity they have offered to help people all over the world especially those who concentrate on participating in the campaign… The company also has brought me to a group of DISQUS where I have been discussing with Americans and especially more information about WHO TO VOTE AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which I didn’t have a single dream of a day…
The company also has brought me to know about many people around the world whom we are now having private conversation, allowing me to let the world know more about me.
Japan has been the first company that has offered such a great opportunity to everyone around the world, we Africans are appreciating them for that….
We are also looking forward
for more opportunities from Japan company to offer for the poor around Africa..
We Africans we are appealing to Japanese company to open some more companies within Africa, where we can be educated, through Japanese help…..


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