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David Gachau Mwangi from Kenya message

David Gachau Mwangi from Kenya message
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Hey Lam Phan,
Am happy too to be part of this global company at least by having had a chance to speak a few words.
Am a resident of Kenya. Interestingly, 90% of the vehicles used in Kenya are from Japan. The customer base here for your cars is very high. Coincidentally, am a lover of cars. I actually plan to start a car selling business here in Kenya and major in dealership especially with Japan.
It is in this platform that I believe you are on point as Car From Japan and the future is bright for you business wise.
The promotion is also a great idea. The reason I have choosed vellfire as a brand of preference is because we have very few of those vehicles here and I believe one of the ways of marketing them is having them on the road. Should I win, I believe it will be a great opening for the market and a new start for vellfire as a car. Am committed to be your ambassador over here.

With thanks,
David Gachau Mwangi.

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