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Danesha Powell from Jamaica message

Danesha Powell from Jamaica message
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Pleasant greetings Sir/Madam. My name is Danesha Powell and I am nineteen years of age. If I win this car, it would be greatly appreciated by my family and I. Reason being we often times have difficulty reaching our destination because of the lack of public transport in the community and the us fare is very expensive where I am from. My small brother can’t attend school sometime because of this problem. My mother is a market vendor and she goes into the town to sell her goods, she often times have problems getting there. My spouse is a Security Officer who is suppose to reach work at a specific time on different days sometimes early in the morning or late in the afternoon. As I mention before there is a lack of public transport in our area and this causes him most of the time to reach at work late and getting into problems with the higher authority.

I am currently unemployed at the moment and planning to start college January. I would really love to help my family because I lost my father when I was 13 years old and life has become even harder ever since. I would really love to see my mother less stress and happy and I believe winning this car would bring joy to her.

What I think about Japan cars is that that they are one of the most manufactured cars and the finest in the world. This car industry been prominent throughout the years. I know we (my family and I) deserve this gift. I really do hope I win.

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