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DADA from Kenya message

DADA from Kenya message
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I am so confident about this campaign this year. Car from japan is a very good company that is why I decided to join the competition and market this company. I should be picked as a winner because of the love I have for cars. I would really love to own one someday. I love fancy cars especially BMW, Mercedes and Subaru and driving around using these fancy cars will make me feel on top of the world.
I am dedicated to market using my personal social media networks such Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Whats App. I have also passed on the message by the word of mouth to all my friends and relatives in order to campaign and advertise about this Summer giveaway competition. After competition, I will continue to create awareness so that Car from Japan can get more loyal customers.
The reason why I love Japanese used cars is because they are the most selling cars in Kenya. They have a good name for being the best manufactured vehicles, clean cars, easily maintainable, they also have resale value. If well maintained, one can sell it at almost the buying price. The spare parts are also widely available and ninety percent of the cars on Kenyan roads are cars from japan. This means you can walk into any garage in the country and have your car checked, fixed or serviced.
Cars from Japan are considered to be the best as they are the most driven in Kenya. They are considered one of the best cars to own in the Kenyan market and that’s why I need a Japanese used car from Japan. Despite being 8 years old when being imported in Kenya they are usually in very good condition and always brand new.
Cars from Japan are simply the best and I believe that by owning one, I will be able to market it more. I am proud because cars from Japan are very nice and last longer.

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