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Cristovao Joao Guambe from Mozambique message

Cristovao Joao Guambe from Mozambique message
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I hope this message find you well,

So, you should pick me as the winner because:
!st- I deserve it, its a great gift I ever had this year, finnaly i can help my family going to the hospital to get their teatment. I can go to the church, without care about distance wiyh my family.
2nd. fetch son on the school, haaaaaaa, its the better gift, we deserve it.

CAR FROM JAPAN , i think is a better program for people on developing countries, because they now can, find cheap, and used cars from JAPAN a reference in the world on manufacturating cars.

And, I think, God will blees you for gift me.

God Bless you all….
Kindly, Chris.

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