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Cristina jose matosse from Mozambique message

Cristina jose matosse from Mozambique message
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first off all , I would like to thank car from Japan for having taken this initiative to offer Japanese used car for people who can not afford to buy one.
My name is Christina José, 51-year-old, widow for 3 years with 4 children resident in polana neighborhood reed b block 46 in Maputo Mozambique, resentment i began to be part of a kuphuna group that aims to help poor communities, especially padecentes the orphaned children with HIV-AIDS, the government tries to help but the rate of HIV-AIDS increases every day and they can not cover all communities, that is the reason way we having been created kuphuna group.
This journey has been very difficult for me and new members coming to help us, because we do not have sufficient conditions for our mobility from one district to another because we only have a car of my late husband, and this is not in good condition, has heating problems that’s way sometimes we take two days to reach our destination and reach our goals. And that’s very hard for us, because one day lost, sometimes is a life lost for not arrived in time.
For all these reasons I Cristina José, member of kuphuna group I came by this means telling the car from Japan, that all participants of this competition deserve to be winners of a Japanese used car because everyone has needs and different objectives for one Japanese used car.,. But I deserve to be one of the winners of this contest because this Japanese used car, much help me in terms of locomotion from one side to the other, being able to achieve our objectives to real-time, so the same Japanese used car will help several people that will have benefit from the kuphuna group.
Once again say thank you a car from japan to be offering a Japanese used car

Best regards and have a good job

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