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craig butau from Zimbabwe message

craig butau from Zimbabwe message
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I consider myself to be picked the winner of the CAR FROM JAPAN basically it is of human nature to want to be the best of everything, being someone who would have taken notice of a opportunity and utilised it .Moreover coming from a country with a low economic growth rate where people rely on ex Japanese vehicles it would be a good platform for the CAR FROM JAPAN company to have itself rich out to the people of Zimbabwe in a way that people know the company better.Because as it stands Beforward company is the dominant supplier or ex Japanese cars.As well this would show what the company can do for its valid clients. Further more I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a well established company that is having a wide range of cars that are reasonably affordable to many. This is a good thing considering most African countries are of slow economic growth and people wont be able to buy a new car ,so with the help of CAR FROM JAPAN everyone will be able to drive away a car of their choice at a lower price.

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