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Courtney Olsberg from USA message

Courtney Olsberg from USA message
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Topic: How do you think of CAR FROM JAPAN?

Scrolling from page after page on, I felt my heart racing as I stumbled upon a particular car posting. The sweat from my face drips down as I glanced over to my tablet noticing the Japanese car of my dreams stand before me. A beautiful Toyota Prius Aqua stood before me, in it’s lime green tinted color with blue trim lining the Prius. The feeling almost represented some sort of ecstasy, as my eyes were glued to the screen. The discovery would have never occurred, if it wasn’t for “CAR FROM JAPAN”.

It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon, and I was scrolling through the Internet on a quest to find my dream car. All of a sudden, I happen to stumble upon a website called, where I was confused at first but intrigued. I never knew a site like “CAR FROM JAPAN” existed. But after scrolling through the car listings, I immediately fell in love with the site because of the user friendly format which made car searching so much easier. But the love just grew when I discovered the “Toyota” section of the car listings. I was in awe at the different models from Toyota that I’ve never heard of before (I’m from the United States). But when I discovered my dream car the Toyota Prius Aqua (Prius C here in the United States), I knew that this website was perfect.

I’ve never found such an easy to use car searching website such as before. I believe the website is going far already, but is consistently going farther with each day. Besides the website being very user friendly and also budget friendly, I can tell the people that are behind this wonderful website are also very friendly as well. They are very welcoming when entering the website, and can guide you to whatever car is right for whoever is purchasing.

“CAR FROM JAPAN”, I would like to extend my overwhelming gratitude for hosting such a wonderful website that can help people all across the world find better transportation. I know you might have clients from all across the world saying the same thing to you as well, but I want to let you know from my short experience on your site I’m very blown away. I do hope your site goes far, and that you will continue to grow your client base over the next couple of years, and maybe purchase a car myself.

Thank you so much again,

Courtney Olsberg

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