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collins wafula from Uganda message

collins wafula from Uganda message
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Dear Team,
my name is wafula collins aged 28 years .
am a ugandan by nationality.
i started visiting this site in 2014 when i was about to finish campus having a dream of owning a car one day one time.
i have worked with scam sites doing online surveys hoping to earn big and purchase a car from this site but everything remained in vein.
in 2015, i collected $250 (american dollars) to start Forex trading but i lost everything so all my big dreams of owning or purchasing a car from this site became to a stand still but i have been dreaming to drive one day one time.
when i received an email about you summer offers which you stated that started two years ago, i just visualized myself in that Audi Q5 stepping on the gas peddle driving around town in my country and my conclusion has been at last God has answered my prayer which has been there for over a year.
i wish this campaign gets funds from well wisher funds to support this campaign such that people like us can also get a chance to own a car.
let me conclude by saying thanks team and management for the strategic thinking and innovation for the car industry at large.
my thought about car from japan is that their list of cars is updated and the mileage is so good in the way that when you buy a car from this site you feel as if you are the first user.
also about the marketing strategy is so fascinating in the way that it doesn’t promote the car industry but also promotes the Japanese spare parts at large which is so good to the mechanics and the electrical industry at large

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