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Clement herbeth Ngolla from Tanzania message

Clement herbeth Ngolla from Tanzania message
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Sincerely your the best and I appreciates for all goods coming from Japan especially transport commodies like car and motorcycle the only way to successful in your technology for producing yours products it’s truthful,hard working accompanied with high level of technology in your country,also the appreciation to your good’s its the way your product’s suit’s the demands and conditions of Africans road as it observed take so long for Japanese products to runs compared to another car products,like Isuzu pick up,Toyota you may observed car has long time but still works as new ones,but its my opinion to open industry in developing country especially to African content so as to exposure and gets market for investing in Africa instead of still with internal investment as China become superior country in businesses due to foreign investment but for Japanese were not interested for foreign investment especially for the car industry.Ones of the country inspired and became superior in the world’s she is Japan if were early entertained to foreign investment but it’s my hope were the one of the greatest country in now days,Let also to pray for those family in Japan who were attacked and affected with nuclear bombs as it’s impacts stills observed until today but never give up for this rather than to pray for GOD to assure the good health to each one.In real sense I would like to congrats Japanese all over the world’s for help and run’s development program especially in our continent of Africa,also am proud to be African,my ambitions it’s one day to exposure my country and continents all over the world’s.Thanks Gods,Thanks. Tanzania, Thanks Africa, Thanks Japanese accompanied to LAN PHAN Chief Marketing Officer at Car from Japan co. and all people all over the world’s be blessing and enjoying JAPAN CAR FOR SUCCESSFUL AND FULL FILL YOUR DAILY DEMANDS

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