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Clement Fumbo from Tanzania message

Clement Fumbo from Tanzania message
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I am one of many customers who drive CAR
FROM JAPAN especially Japanese used car. In several occasions recommended and encouraging my friends and colleagues on the advantage of utilising the services rendered by committed and reliable personnel of Japanese used cars. The services have always been trustworthy. As such even if it was not for the purpose of promotion, yet I will continue making orders of CAR FROM JAPAN through Japanese used car because of reliability and affordable prices beyond value of could be the price compared to others. Winning is one aspect but engagement and communication as you so far have done to your customers and prospective customers is the most important within your carrier. I wish you all the best in your services and during your promotion period.

I am trying to think louder whether it may be possible to be one of your commission agency in this region of East, central and southern Africa. However several questions come into my mind ‘What should be the criteria being nominated into such corroboration? How many agents do you have in this region and how do they operate? My interest come along with an idea that a varsity people who are interested in your cars yet they can’t afford to pay a lump sum money for interested stock but can manage through several instalments in a certain agreements.

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