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Clayne from Kenya message


Hi CAR FROM JAPAN ,First of all i would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in this campaign.Japanese cars are a trade mark in my country and i really like them,unfortunately i have never been able to own one.
Africa rides on Japanese vehicles because they are durable and easy to maintain apart from being able to tolerate the tough African environment. In Kenya especially vehicle brands from Japan are most desired because of their adoptability due to the skill and high level of engineering used to produce them ,making them not only durable but highly functional.
My all life i have wished to own a vehicle from Japan..It would be a dream come true if you considered me as a winner and i will forever be grateful and a brand ambassador of Japanese vehicles.
Here in Kenya there is a large market for Japanese Used cars ,this is very unique and special for any machinery here in Kenya and it clearly attests to the trust and faith Kenya has for Japanese Vehicles for they have never disappointed us.
We believe in Japanese Vehicles for our personal ,Industrial and commercial use,I would really appreciate being selected among the lucky winners by CAR FROM JAPAN.
Thanks to CAR FROM JAPAN young Kenyans like me will have an opportunity to own one of the most incredible vehicles ever made.We all love cars from Japan.

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