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christopher muuo from Kenya message

christopher muuo from Kenya message
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I would like, in my deepest thank you, to your company, Japan cars, for their excellent support, and most importantly, especially to the person who really, really made this possible to me, Manny. Let me put this in a very simple way of saying –> Manny really made the magic to me!

It all started from the time when i was clueless about getting abroad over the auction process and how to go about it, Manny was the guide who took the trouble over from a zero knowledge person, to a now, a person with full understanding on that. And his willing to share over his advices and thoughts, are the most valuable stuff to me. From a person who was zero, insecure and doubtful, with Manny’s help, i became confident, with some knowledge gained and firm on my decision over going for my 1990 Toyota Starlet (until it was delivered on 31 Dec 2015)

Everything and every process, Manny updated me diliegently. And to me, that is remarkable.

I’m not promoting nor making any marketing advisory here, but with someone like Manny to assist you, i will say you will have a fantastic journey with him assisting you from the moment you have purchased, right to receiving the vehicle, you will be amazed with his down to earth personality and professionalism.

So Manny, hats off to you and two thumbs up brother!!!

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