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Christopher Juma Osoga from Kenya message

Christopher Juma Osoga from Kenya message
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It has been my dream as a Child, growing up in Africa(Kenya) to own a Sport Toyota Car on my 30th Birthday. Being a 3rd born in a family of Seven i have worked hard not only to achieve my dream car but also to support my beloved family. Being the only breadwinner in our family i had to Educate my Little Lovely Sisters. I worked hard to achieve my dream car on my 30th Birthday but unfortunately my parents house and my house were swept away by the FLOOD. I had no option but to start again building for my family another House. I have never given up on my Dream of owning a Toyota Sport Car, Please make my Dream come true on my 31st Birthday on 10th October. It has been 20 years since I had this Dream, Please Help me out to achieve this Long Life Dream.. I will appreciate to make this Dream come true, But if not, i will also greatly appreciated chance given to appreciate chance given to express myself on my Dream Car. Thanks my email address

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