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Christine Chan from Papua New Guinea message

Christine Chan from Papua New Guinea message
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Hi sir/Madam,
I am always an interested personal who always has the interest to visit online and check out the new stock of cars from Japan and wish to have one of my own some day as the cars from Japan are always quality and last long and I should say fashionable types with different designs and brand, low costing with an excellent customer service who response in no time.
If only I had the chance of getting to win one vehicle of my own through this campaign, I would definitely be a promoter for the company in my very home back in Milnebay Province, Papua New Guinea as people in my home go for the latest fashion vehicle just to promote the company name and get quite a good number of people to purchase vehicles from the company with good qualities and affordable price. As far as I’ve learnt, Japan vehicles are a great partner in purchasing good quality and affordable price cars with a promising number of years to operate. People of Papua new guinea mainly rely on japans used cars as a main supplier to their business especially in providing town service in a means of taxi services and bus services for the public which is a great business here in png. I for one should be the winner of this car so I can promote your company back in papua new guinea in winning this prize offer. Papua new guineans go for used valuable cars from japan and mainly quality but affordable. Affordable meaning cheaper. Wish I was the winner so I can real promote your company with the quality and affordable used cars out here. As I know there will be alot of buyers out here who will eventually use the cars to make money out of it or use it to earn a living. They will purchase a an affordable price and will earn more than the amount they have purchased. Choose me as your winner and I will get more customers for you out here in PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 🙂

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