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chrissy Mumba from Zambia message

chrissy Mumba from Zambia message
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The cars from Japan are second, simply the unique and great.To day and years to come japan will remain mumber one in terms of providing unique and special cars across the globe.The cars are reliable ,they are user friendly and unbeatable.Japan knows how to design ,and how to meet people’ aspirations.I even if l do not have a car japan
Is house hold name even on my lips.As an admire of japan vehicles l wish to indicate that l shall always talk about the good abput your vehicles to family member,friends and all those l come in contact with..I do believe.
Many zambians have come to appreciate japan cars because spares are readily avaliable and one cannot go wrong.ln the year 2015 ,l visited my village late in the evening my relative brought a subject where we were comparing cars from japan and those from other parts of the ,we debate for two hpurs .After two hours of debating l emerged wimner.My agurment was how many people in zambia were owning a car from japan?we o agreed that out of 100 people owing a car,85 percent own a car from japan.Truely this is fact. Many people say japan cars are avaliable,realiable spares are cheaper amd readily avaliable on the market

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