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Chrissy McPherson from USA message

Chrissy McPherson from USA message
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I would LOVE to win a car from Japan. Having 3 kids and no vehicle is a challenge everyday! I have a teen, tween & baby so we are always needing to go somewhere & this would be a blessed win for us. Thank you for the amazing chance, I greatly appreciate it!

The best thing about having a car at your disposal is the freedom it gives you. You can go wherever you want. Just pick a destination, hop in the car, and you’re off. Still, taking a bus when you leave New York City to go to visit your college roommate in Washington, D.C. can be a hassle. It can turn a 225-mile, less-than-four-hour car trip into an all-day adventure, depending on how many stops you make along the way. And sometimes you’re just not in the mood to chat with the person in the next seat, who just found out that her husband is having an affair and is going home to her mother.

The thing to do in that case is to rent a car. Extravagant, you say? Not really. Rental rates vary tremendously, and they change depending on availability and other factors. To rent a car in New York City would cost about $70 a day, or $210 for a three-day weekend, plus gas. More than Greyhound? Yeah. More than Amtrak? No. And if you’re traveling with somebody else, renting a car becomes an even more viable option.

Pocket Change

You can pick up a car at a Budget rental car location in New York City on Friday and return it on Sunday for about $205, plus fuel charges. A round-trip Amtrak ticket from New York to Washington, D.C will cost you $249. Greyhound will take you from New York to D.C. and back for about $70, but it will take you six hours each way and you never know whom you’ll end up sitting next to.

Some people live in the city without a car and rent one when they need it for business purposes. Hopefully, your employer will reimburse you for that expense if you find yourself in that situation. The point is, it’s not always necessary to own a car But I would LOVE to actually win one. This would be my dream gift. How cool would it be to win a car from Japan my favorite city in the world, beyond too cool!

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