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chathumal sandaruwan wijepala from Sri Lanka message


This is a very good and admirable initiative started by CAR FROM JAPAN, especially for the people in Asian and African countries who can not afford to buy a Japanese used car.
Owning a CAR FROM JAPAN is a life long dream for most of us in these regions.
Please continue the good work you have started CAR FROM JAPAN. Well Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for this great opportunity that you have given from your company to own a CAR FROM JAPAN by achieving ultimate goal of your company “Enriching Lives”.
I believe that the way of giving equal opportunity to everyone participating the campaign by CAR FROM JAPAN to win a Japanese used car will encourage the participants and the prizes will go to the hands of the most needy persons who actually deserve to be the winners of Japanese used cars.
Wishing everyone good luck and Thanking CAR FROM JAPAN for the opportunity given to us while enjoying the excitement of who will win the CAR FROM JAPAN.

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