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Charles Githae Muthami from Kenya message

Charles Githae Muthami from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN! We are so proud of you for the way you have really thought about us. You are a special Company; not all the companies think of their potential customers the way you do. Many of us have dreamt of owning good cars but this has remained just that: a dream. However, with your promotion which is free of charge to all of us, we can see our dreams start taking shape. Personally, I am now hopeful that come the end of this competition,I will the proud owner of a CAR FROM JAPAN!

I have admired those who I see driving some very attractive cars made in Japan and I fervently prayed that I too own such a car. Thank you for making us believe it is possible. Thank for remembering that there are some people in some part of the world who can be assisted to acquire their own vehicles and through that, have faith humanity has not forgotten all about them.

Finally, I personally make an undertaking that if I, a relative or a friend is to ever require to make a car purchase, I will always refer them to none other than CAR FROM JAPAN!


Thanks so much CAR FROM JAPAN. This Corporate Social Responsibility is quite exceptional. It thankfully affords the common people a chance to own our dream cars.

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