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CC Gondwe from Malawi message

CC Gondwe from Malawi message
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My message is essentially about CAR FROM JAPAN. I have personal experience about such a car.
The choice of this car was made by someone not me; but I have lived to share the vast satisfaction of owning and using this car with him to the extent that he too over the years has bought two Vehicles from Japan.
Although we say Japanese Used Cars, practically these are almost new cars. I believe that the secret is in the system of reconditioning these cars. A Mazda Titan 2 ton that I bought from Japan in 2007 is still as useful today as when I first owned it. I have no problems of spare parts. The two ton body is just ideal to my business. And now in order to reward myself for the 9 useful years of this Japanese utility vehicle, Japan should continue to show case herself by winning me a Nissan Extrail as my luxury car!

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