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calvince awilly from Kenya message

calvince awilly from Kenya message
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I am a teacher working in the remote parts of Kenya with very high fares charged auto rick Shaw operators and motorbike people.Some of my pupils walk for long distances which is risky for them especially girls who always risk molestation on the way .if given a car, I would provide free transportation to and from school to some of them if not all. Besides this car will also help my family to transport essential needs like water which is difficult to get near by unless you walk for some miles away. This vehicle will also help me in generating income for my family by being hired for various function like wedding ceremony. It has always been my desire to own a car to motivate other people form my community to work hard and achieve their ambition using me as an example having worked and got a vehicle. Lastly I’ve also wanted to get a feel of having a car and how it gets but my worth has not been worthy enough to get me one. Therefore I beseech you to consider me thank you.

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