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Brendan Adiru Wadri from Uganda message

Brendan Adiru Wadri from Uganda message
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Why should I picked as a winner?
With no hesitation and second thought after seeing this promotion from CAR FROM JAPAN I decided to take part with the hope that if I win a car I will win back my children who were taken away from me by their dad just because I didn’t have a car to drive them to school, my daughter for the last few years has been wishing and praying that I get money and buy a “cool” and yes she means a convertible sport car so that she can also be admired by her friends at school who’s parents drive nice cars. Winning a car of her dream and admiration will surely put a smile on her face. As for my 6year old son, he has promised me that when he grows up he will buy me a bugatti, Above all my children who have been apart of a violent, abusive, heart breaking divorce will be brought back to me since all I asked for during my divorce was child custody but only to have them taken away from me because I had no car to take them to school and could only afford public means.
When chosen as I winner, I will uphold the CAR FROM JAPAN and the sponsors by taking part in social media campaigns aimed at promoting your products, enlightening others of your mandate and operations, being a technology enthusiast I will give you my all since the biggest smile will have been put back on my face as I take back my my only source of JOY in this earth and that is my children. I will walk with you head high chanting away “a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN earned me my children where justice had failed. I Receive this car in Jesus’s mighty name. AMEN

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