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Boniface Ndung'u Karanja from Kenya message

Boniface Ndung'u Karanja from Kenya message
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Japanese cars have outperformed their closest competitors from other countries now for the last quarter or more of a century in many aspects. For a start, Japanese cars emmision of harmful gases to our mother nature has been minimised over the years as technology advance. Talk of technology, Japanese cars manufacturing technology especially in engines, be it VVTI, VTEC etc are by far more advanced compared to competitors. Let me just mention some of the advantages here 1: The engines fuel consumption has been so minimised over the years in all japanese cars, this has many advantages. The consumer spend less less in cost of fuel, less fuel combustion means less gas emmision. Less fuel consumption also means the depletiation of natural gas around the globe is greatly minimised. 2: Japanese technology though hitech is easily learnable even in third world countries like Kenya my country. This ensures even local technician can continue to do both corrective and preventive maintenance in Japanese cars with ease. I have seen some car brands that require bringing in specialised technicians from abroad once they breakdown, this is not the case with almost all japanese cars. 3: Japanese cars are cheap to maintain due to availabilty of spare parts. Apart from my country Kenya, I have stayed in 2 other different countries and I can say with surelity that the dominating brands in those countries is Japanese all the way. Beside the spare parts being easily available, they are also cheap by almost 10 times compared to spares from for example car brands from America or Germany.

4: Almost all Japanese cars are reliable, as long as you are doing proper preventive maintenance and service to these cars, you are assured of getting the service back. You are assured of getting into your destination. The technology used to manufacture most Japanese cars ensures that minor errors will not stall a car in the middle of a highway unlike many other brands from competitor countries.

Having mentioned but a few of the above, i believe in Japanese cars, I would be glad if i win my dream car that i have mentioned but even if i dont, i will work hard to make sure i get the same car. It will come in hardy to improve the lives of my family, i do have a young family with 2 boys one aged 10 and an infant aged 6 mnths. As things stand, my wife still use public means for transport which is so hectic in my country for someone with a small baby. This could be the best thing that happen to my young family if i were to win my dream car, ie Toyota wish.

Japanese all the way. Thanks in advance

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