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Bonface Kaponda from Malawi message

Bonface Kaponda from Malawi message
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Cars.. in what age would we be without them?… Well they say you only realize what you had till its gone, but i would rather disagree on that. The reason i take a different stand is that i witness the benefits and profits that these machines contribute in our everyday lives. Some would disagree and say that a car does not benefit them in anyway because of their financial level as being poor. Well i have a question for you guys. How would have that man survived if there was no car to rush him to the hospital during that emergency in their location? Well i myself am not in a financial position to buy a new one and i think many are not as well. I however have recognition and respect for CAR FROM JAPAN i thank you for making available Japanese used cars that have been affordable to the masses and therefore you are helping lives everyday. Thank You CAR FROM JAPAN CO.,LTD

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