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Bishopchris Okoro from Nigeria message

Bishopchris Okoro from Nigeria message
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I should be picked as the winner of this competition because; have gone through your post which i found in my mail box, I have discovered that the campaign is real. and without a waste of one second, I sent it out to all my social media accounts thereby promoting CAR FROM JAPAN.
Secondly, i am someone who has always been an ardent lover of Japanese products especially cars. There has never been any time I browse the internet without going through Japanese used cars such as Toyota Camry, Lexus Rx 350, Honda Accord etc, as a possible option for me whenever I want to buy a car.
Thirdly, I really need a car and I think it is perfect opportunity for me to own a car, so that come next campaign season, I can a do a wonderful job of creating awareness of CAR FROM JAPAN in my country as a brand Ambassador and how it has affected my life positively. .
Fourthly, and most interestingly, in inviting people to participate in this contest, while others may have invited individual, through emails, I carefully and tactically bought the directory of companies from the online directory providers with my own money and invited people through their companies and organizations, ranging from Accounting firms to company registrars, business centers and cybercafes, advert agencies, catering firms travel and tourism agencies etc. I deliberately chose to do this so as to create the awareness of CAR FROM JAPAN among the teeming millions of Nigeria working class. So each invitation I sent, I could be reaching out to tens or hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time. What this means for CAR FROM JAPAN is that beyond the contest of winning these cars, you will certainly get prospective customers visiting your site to place orders to purchase Japanese used cars.
To this end, I think in my own opinion that I have done a great deal of public relation and advertisement for CAR FROM JAPAN.
Fifthly, As I win this car, people from this part of the world, talking about Nigeria and Africa as a whole would know that the campaign is real because am going to post it on all the social media network that am linked to so as to promote CAR FRO JAPAN further.

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