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binwell kunda from Zambia message

binwell kunda from Zambia message
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Being from mechanical background I have the best experience of selling your brand ‘car from japan’ to Zambian customers since I do have a network of repairing most of their vehicles through out the country, it can be easy for me to market your brand too to most of them, my job involves not only mechanics but also I do advise them on which cars are mostly reliable in our Zambian roads and conditions. Product marketing and vehicle repairs as always been my job and I can do more with your products,
Well, cars from Japan are absolutely strong and reliable, not compromised on performance, atleast they have a good return for your money, we have been using japanese used cars for the past 18years now, some names have been forgotten now but I still remembers trust company.
From carburetors then, to EFI, VVti’s and D4D’s etcs now, most of the people I deal with and those I dealt with in the past they all got or buys their vehicles from Japan, I can proudly say Japanese used cars are most reliable hence Zambia has alot of people buying them, performance on fuel on most Japanese vehicles are more like new cars from show rooms and the cars are not like UK cars which mostly is badly affected with sea salts on chassis and auto paints, sometimes even engines that comes from UK are worn out, Japanese secondhand vehicles are neat and the conditions vehicles of almost are fantastic

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