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billy chitila from Zimbabwe message

billy chitila from Zimbabwe message
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I believe and trust that i can be picked as the winner for the car from japan competition. the reason why am supporting myself is because of my abilities to be able to communicate with other people and tell them the benefits of having a car from japan. the other reason to why i should be picked as the winner is because i would make sure to make the companygo world even in places they do not know about it , preach about the quality cars and affordable prices one can beat to get the car.i feel i can i be the winner because i would sacrifice all my time and effort to work with management and do the right thing as an ambassador. its not an easy thing to work as an ambassador or representative to work for an organization but all i need to do is giving my best for the work am being selected for and representing. you should pick me as a winner because am ready to spend all my entire life and what i have to make the company or the organization advance to a level it needs to be on. i want to be picked as winner because i know japan is holding blessings for me which its my time to deliver and assist where help is needed at that moment. The other reason i would like you to pick me as a winner is because i have been si much interested and admired to have a japanese car and tell others what japanese cars are good at, i have been waiting for a period to talk and and as well preach about the latest developmental cars that japan is bringing for the coming generation. so if i be the one or picked for this competition as the winner, it would be a blessing for me to represent cars from japan and make sure the cars are soread to people that would love to have them and delivered to places where needed. I also believe that once am picked as the winner for the competition, i will do my best level to communicate to otherpeople and friends of friends to let them know the best place they choose for their dream cars . I would maje sure that i deliver to the expectation of the company cause they are the ones that want their company to have the best custormers. The other reason to why i would love to be picked as winner is because my time has come for me to deliver my skills of talking to people and assist the world market of selling cars from japan. This will also help me to know places that have low delivery of of cars from japan and from there make an effort and tell or preach to the people to choose cars from japan as they will never gwt to regret of having or buying cars from japan. it has been a known fact that japan ranks as the best country in productivity of cars.nomatter how much americans or germans may try to bring up the japanese car companies keep on maintaining there hundred percent record of producing best cars in the such subaru mercedes benz toyota corrola and many others have been outstanding cars that have earned a place for the japanese cars. i mostly doubted japanese cars but when i saw the way the work and used i really gave credit to the japanese cars. land cruisers are known in africa used for sports and some are used by the governments or large organizations.another thing to look atis how the japanese cars have dominated in the african regio. the current governments of africa in various countries know strong and good are the cars of japan.most of them are used by the goverment as heavy duty vehicles and some of them are used as police service vehicles. japan has proven its ability to maintain te records so far in the world. without japanese cars for ezaexample like the cars from japan, africa could have been getting cars from either america or germans which easily get damaged by simple things or at times they fade in colou. japanese cars or car from japan have good quality cars and also excellent in performance and condition. america has got weak body cars which when damaged it hard to maintain or replace the engine. now with japan it is very easy to mainatain there cars as they have shown to provide there custormers with their best effort of what they can produce. japan still stands as world depended on by africa and as well the united states. soon we will see them prosuce the bedt and latest that will meet your standards….japans economy may seem to be down or their countey may be that of forsaken but there are other small counteies that really depend on japan. we talk of zambia tanzania malawi zimbabwe south Africa morroco and others but to mention a few…car from japan has done well to introduce this competition and set it wide because people will finally get to recognise cars from japan and their services given to their customers. therefore customers should take advanyage of the competition that cars from japan has brought. these are cars from japan that you will never complain of in your life once you have it.tune…

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