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Bianca from USA message

Bianca from USA message
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My family and I struggle with transportation and money at age 22 I dont know how to drive a car, no one wants to teach me unless I have a car,and I couldnt afford it even if I wanted to.I see this giveaway as a chance to learn, as a chance to start liveing without relying on people,To be my own person.To give me the independence that a car gives to us as people.I spend a great deal of time walking four hours is dedicated to going to and from work(two hours to destination and two hours returning from destination).Most of my walking varies from my house to work or my work to my boyfreind home wich is still a two hour walk. I would be honored to have the oportunity to win the car that i’ve selected,i’d be honored to win any car really I swear if I win I wont let anything happen to this car because I show alot of care to my technology .CAR FROM JAPAN well a car from japan sounds awesome I beleve the japanese to be better then us at technilogical any car from japan will be top notch in both quality and mechanics.wich means that the car will last a very long time.In short id be a very good canidate to win and am honored for the oportunity to win a very good car from japan please consider me for the winner.If I lose though well congrats to whoever is chosen.they might need it more then I do and ill cheer for them when they win but it would still be nice to in short this adult failure hopeing to win for both herself and the family and friends who help her around when they can.

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