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Benjamin from Namibia message

Benjamin from Namibia message
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What I can say from my side is that I really love Japan made cars. I currently own two of them now a Toyota Noah 2005 model and a Nissan Tiida Latio 2006 model. But there is only one car that to this very day each time I see pictures of that car it keeps taking my breath away, the one I like to call beauty and the beast the velfire. The reason I should be considered as a winner is because I simply love them cars and having more will be a good thing. One thing I would really like I to just take a trip to go to Japan just to see the car manufacturing factory there. I also like the fact that having a car that I nit locally owned gives a person the challenge the keep the car clean and safe, and also there wont be many people having the same thing. Its like having a unique kind of thing. The other reason is because I am just that type of guy that is called a freak when it comes to cars, because I spend my free time just studying a few things I don’t know about cars yet even though I still have a long way to go and the Japan made cars just happen to be my favourite toping but the only obstacle I keep running into is the language that always puts up a road block. Apart from that road block I still find these cars irresistible coz the shapes and stiles they come in its just intriguing. So I would like for you to put me in the winners box because I just cant wait to add onto my collection for Japan cars. I can go un on how much I would really love for you to consider me in you selection. I can go on rambling on how much I love your cars and why should be considered as a winner but at the end I will still run out of words and just end up saying thing that are out of topic and will make no sense at all so this is all I can tell you about myself and my love for want to own a car from you.

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