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Benjamin Emmanuel Nwabueze from Netherlands message

Benjamin Emmanuel Nwabueze from Netherlands message
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Many will tell you they can work or provide the solutions to your investments in Africa -They never do because you become a third party than a partner! We have put together a team including experts, consultants in many fields with over 35 years experience doing business in Africa. The dynamics are changing and you need the right solutions to be able to work and do business in Africa

Unipex is newly established as a private company with strategic partner’s offices in Cotonou Benin Republic,Lome Togo, Ghana,India,and Nigeria with its strategic partners. As an African flavoured Business and Security Consulting Firm, it understands the unique High Level Service needs for Private foreign organizations working in Africa. By delivering best-of breed, integrated trade facilitation and investment assistance solutions, we play a role in keeping Africa abreast of the latest global quality of service standards delivered worldwide.
A New Age Business Facilitator
Today’s globalization includes all continents and the world economy growth is more and more attracted to new markets or high ROI markets such as Africa ever growing so rapidly.
In this configuration, international companies are interested in working in the continent and expect the same working efficiency than elsewhere in the world. Africa being a continent still largely in social and economic transformation and modernization, its specific working processes and administration procedures quite often is difficult for foreign companies to understand or at least to integrate the specific decision making and execution process and model required for their business. This results to misunderstandings, lack of clear communication, delays, and ultimately inefficiency or Project abortion because of lack of human resource pool.
We address these issues by the combination of our knowledge of the legal, political, economical, social as well as cultural environment and our understanding of the international business best standard practices, to create a business and working environment efficient for both parties. we need you to come and see the markets in Africa.
Let us be your Partner and Solution Providers!

Thanks in anticipation for your kind consideration,we are looking forward in partnership with your company.
Best Regards
Mr. Benjamin E. Nwabueze

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