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BENARDATE MUKUKU from Tanzania message

BENARDATE MUKUKU from Tanzania message
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Dear Marketing team,Thank you for the hard work you are doing, You should pick me as the winner because i had been participating in your competitions and help to advertise your cars by sharing the campaigning link on my social media pages for the past two years as well as telling my friends about CAR FROM JAPAN and to prove this you can check on my Google+ page and i have never given up knowing that one day you will appreciate that and pick me as the winner.
I cant afford to buy a car right now and that is why i participate in your competitions by sharing the links to my friends so that they may win also.

  • Zimbabwe is one of the top countries that buy cars and spare parts from you because of many reason which includes that your cars have unbeatable prices,they are fuel savers as well as reliable.I have heard and seen that you can never go wrong with Car from Japan according the testimonials all over the globe that you always meet the customer needs and you have high standards in customer services and your cars are cheap and affordable.

However i would also want to suggest that it will be good when you are doing your promotions, to please donate some cars or money if you can to some developing countries or schools in Africa which cannot access the internet and can not afford to buy cars there by introducing yourselves in those countries and letting them know about your cars and products and what you do this will make you well known in all countries like your competitors.

Otherwise keep up the good work and may God continue bless you and give you more brilliant ideas and your sponsors too!!

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