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Bella-Samuel Davordzi from Ghana message

Bella-Samuel Davordzi from Ghana message
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Dear Lan,

I believe I deserve to be picked as a winner of this competition. I used Japanese used car which was 8 years old when it was imported into Ghana and I used it for more than 12 years without any headache. The fuel consumption was very good and the spare parts for repairs whenever there is the need are in readily available at Toyota Ghana company and at a popular spare parts dealers market in Ghana called Abosso Okai spare parts market. In Ghana, we cherish a CAR FROM JAPAN and I will be very privileged to win this competition and own another Japanese used car.

I have used other cars but I can bet that the Japanese used car is way ahead of the other makes from other countries in terms of cost fuel consumption, monthly maintenance and replacement of worn out parts.

As an old user of a Japanese used car, I will be in a better position to promote the use of a CAR FROM JAPAN if I win this competition as my experience and observation of using a Japanese used car will be an added advantage and benefit on the local car market.

The majority of cars on our roads in Ghana are CAR FROM JAPAN. Any type of Japanese used car is suitable for our roads. This tells a story of how durable a CAR FROM JAPAN is on our roads as compared to other used card from countries. The fuel consumption of a Japanese used car is very good as compared to car makes from other countries. Even it was a big news when our president His Excellency John Dramani Mahama told the world this year, 2016, during an interview that he loves Japanese cars. His statement was a big news and all the electronics and print media made it their headline for weeks.

Monthly maintenance and routine checks on the performance of a CAR FROM JAPAN is carried out by Toyota Ghana company and in private garages by qualified fitters trained by Toyota Ghana company. A Japanese used car does not easily break down and get you stranded on the road in the middle of a journey. In short, a Japanese used car is very reliable and convenient to use.

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